Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Address: Unska 3, Zagreb

A detailed map of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) with instructions on how to reach all rooms can be found here.

The year 2015 is the 346th year since the establishment of the University of Zagreb, 96th year of study of electrical engineering and the 59th year of autonomous Faculty of Electrical Engineering. In 1994, the Faculty changed its name becoming the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) reflecting the fact that eminent professionals in electrical engineering but also in computing have been coming from this institution.


The primary mission of the Faculty is to prepare students to perform direct tasks on their workplaces. However, what might be even more important is to accept permanent education as a necessity in a profession that is undergoing dramatic changes. The present research and educational staff comprises more than 140 professors and 230 teaching and research assistants. The Faculty has developed respectable international cooperation with many institutions around the world.

Grey hall

Grey hall

Grey hall serves as a main congress centre on FER. It is the hall in which most of the distinguished guest lecturers of FER give their talks. It has capacity of accepting up to 80 people, and it is equipped with two projectors. It has been completly redecorated in 2015.



Zagreb, Croatia's capital and the largest city in the country, is a typical Central European town. It is a city of a million inhabitants that has managed to stay romantic and eventful. It grew out of two medieval settlements that flourished for centuries on neighbouring hills. Zagreb's written history dates to the year 1094, when a diocese was established there. The classicist and secessionist facades of its historical nucleus exude the lofty spirit of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Almost all of the main sites of the city and cultural venues are located in the very centre.

Zagreb offers visitors pleasant walks and enjoyment in a city full of parks and pedestrian zones. Zrinjevac, a park located only a few steps away from the main square, also forms part of the Lenuci green horseshoe that encompasses some of the most beautiful buildings in town.


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